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 Operation Buh-Bye 

This page will aid those of you who do not wish to Pledge Allegiance to our Flag, sing our National Anthem or Support our President to leave.

Traitors like Richard Geer, Henri Brooks and the freaks in Berkley, CA who should find somewhere else to live.

Fill out the form below if you are a commie piece of trash and wish to get the hell out of this great country!!!

City, State & Zip Code
Contact Phone Number
Airport of Departure
Destination Country
Proof of Renounced Citizenship

You will be contacted and asked to produce PROOF of your Citizenship being renounced. Following verification, your ticket will be purchased and you will be happily escorted to the plane by a true Patriot of The U.S.A.

Fill out the form below if you would like to contribute to a fund that will help to ship these worthless sacks of filth out of our great country!

Mailing Address
Contact Phone Numbers
Amount you wish to contribute
E-Mail Address

Following verification, I will e-mail you with the name of the Traitor, the amount of the ticket, airline and other info to insure that your Patriotism contributes to the cleansing of this great nation of this scourge once and for good.